Dear Neighbor,
I hope this email finds you well.
The 10th Ward continues to move forward with many positive development occurring in our neighborhood. The popular Tierra Farms Coffee House has finally reopened after an extensive renovation, and construction crews have begun renovating and installing new playground equipment in Madison Park. With this seemingly long winter season fading away, business activity is starting to pick up along the Madison Avenue corridor. The continued growth and development of our neighborhood would not be possible without the support of the city government.
That being said, this month is a critical one for the City of Albany, as the New York State budget is finalized for state fiscal year 2019-20. For this reason, I introduced a resolution calling on the Governor and the New York State Legislature to ensure that Albany permanently receives it’s fair share of funding on an annual basis. The resolution was unanimously approved by the Council. As was done in previous years, Albany requested $12.5 million in additional Capital City Funding to alleviate the burdens associated with being the center of state government, such as the large number of tax-exempt properties, the large influx of commuters, etc., and to request funding equivalent to what the state annually provides to other upstate cities. Since the passage of that resolution, the Times Union recently reported that the Governor’s expects the city to receive funding from the state, but there was no specific amount mentioned nor is there any indication that this funding will be permanent.
For this reason, I encourage you to contact the Governor and the Legislature to request that the include the full Capital City Funding request in the budget and make it permanent. This link will provide you with the contact information of our state’s leadership and draft letters to send to them for your convenience.
To address your concerns, discuss any issues, or if you need assistance, feel free to contact me via email at or by phone at (518) 763-7083.